Must Listen To Jazz Songs of 2018

It’s a new year and artists are out with their new releases. Whether you’re into old school or contemporary jazz, fans are in for a treat.

Fresh out of the recording studios, here are the must listen to jazz songs of 2018:

Pass The Groove – Lin Rountree
Lin Rountree, also known as The Soul-Trumpeter, has just released his single “Pass The Groove”. It is currently one of the hottest songs in contemporary jazz and is flying up the National Billboard Charts.

It is the first single from Lin Rountree’s newest CD Stronger Still. The album features some of the hottest artists and producers in the industry. It will be released in February 2018.

Groove On – Euge Groove
Euge Groove is a saxophonist, composer, and producer. He has close to a dozen #1 hits on the Contemporary Jazz Charts.

His newest title track “Groove On” is pulsating and scintillating. It features the talented musician on flute and keyboard.

Euge Groove promises he has no intentions other than to “groove on”. He wishes that his fans hear the growth in this new album as that is what’s most important to him.

Fly Away Butterfly – Carol Albert
Be treated to another enticing offering from vocalist, pianist, and composer Carol Albert.

Her new Brazilian-influenced, smooth jazz release “Fly Away Butterfly” entered 2018 in the top 10 of the Billboard Smooth Jazz chart. It is at the number four spot on the Smooth Jazz Network Top 20 chart and listed at the number one spot in the RadioWave Monitor for three weeks.

“I did have a time of extreme difficulty with the loss of my husband and I think it’s important for people to hear that at any age you can pursue dreams you may have always had, that it’s never too late to pursue those dreams,” Albert shared in an interview.

Flipside – Dave Bradshaw Jr.
Flipside is the title track for Dave Bradshaw Jr.’s upcoming album. It is a song with an old school flavor wrapped in a modern infectious groove and melody that will sink into your soul.

Once a successful sideman, Dave Bradshaw Jr., confidently steps into the spotlight with his own signature sound.

“There is a certain sophistication to Dave Bradshaw Jr.’s cool, jazzy compositions… his original tunes exude delightful melody and world-class chops!” -Sandy Shore, SmoothJazz.com

Boss – Tim Bowman
As of writing, renowned, chart-topping guitarist Tim Bowman’s “Boss” is 17 weeks strong on the Billboard Smooth Jazz chart.

Bowman brings his Detroit-based gospel, jazz, and R&B roots into his newly released album Into the Blue.

The jazz/funk number “Boss” lands in a laid-back groove that gives space for Bowman to display his creativity as a soloist.

It’s just the beginning of a great year for jazz. Comment below if you have any recommendations for fellow jazz fans!